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5 Minutes to Midnight (Draft Horse Journal, Summer 2016)

Theatre Under the Stars (Draft Horse Journal, Spring 2010)

Thinkin Outside the Tack box (Draft Horse Journal, Autumn 2009)

Don't Forget the Milk & Eggs (Draft Horse Journal, Summer 2009)

Ticket to Ride (Draft Horse Journal, Spring 2009)

Six Degrees of Separation (Draft Horse Journal, Winter 2008/2009)

Steel Wheels Turning (Draft Horse Journal. Autumn 2008)

Freeze Frame (Western Horse Review, May 2008)

Sky's the Limit (Draft Horse Journal, Spring 2008)

Soaring with Eagles (Draft Horse Journal, Winter 2007/2008)

Ridin' & Relaxin' (Western Horse Review, June 2007)

Cowboy Nirvana (Western Horse Review, May 2007)



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